This is how roulette became one of the most popular games of all time

There is no doubt that roulette is one of the most popular games in the world. However, few know what path has led to popularity so far. If youcrack a little deeper you can find yourself confronted with an exciting, fascinating story.

Under the spell of wheel and numbers: this is roulette!

Roulette, as everyone knows it today, is based on two important things: the roulette wheel and the roulette table dotted with numbers. In the latter, players place their bets in the hope of winning by placing their chips on the number grids. You can vote for countless variations, the best known of which is the stacking in red and black. Then the gambling in-chargeuse to spin the wheel and in the event that the ball lands on the number you did you have already won.

Of course, the popularity of roulette is not only unbroken in terrestrial casinos, thanks to continuous technological developments, this game also provides a popular, captivating gaming experience at as well as offline gaming venues.

A gift from the monks?

Probably not many associate monks when the world of casinos is the topic, yet it seems – even if distant – but there is a connection between the two. Some speculate that the ancestor of roulette is to be found in a Tibetan game. The bottom line was that 37 animal statues were placed in the magic 666 number square. It is believed that the monks later modified the game by placing the statues in numbers between 0 and 36, randomly arranging them around the edge of a rotating spindle.

The best leisure activity?

According to the second most popular theory, the early ancestor of the game was designed by a monk who wished to improve the monotony of the strict, monastic way of life. All of this is understandable, as it is well known that monks live infinitely simple and humble lives. However, with the help of this game, they were able to spend time enjoyably, seasoning it a bit.