Khelplay Rummy is Redefining the Face of Gaming Industry

One of the household cards game, rummy, is not just a pastime for family. But it is also a great source of entertainment to everyone. This game is easy to learn and play. Traditionally, people used to play it offline. Even then it was quite popular. But past a decade or so, the game has gained a better popularity. With online gaming industry coming into arena, Khelplay Rummy too stepped in. This is a website and app for different formats of rummy games. It has a host of benefits.

Below mentioned are some of the features of this online rummy platform:

  1. Download the Application

What if you had the feature to play a card game anytime you wanted?  What if there was no need to depend on a physical deck of card during travel? What if you did not need company of others face to face when playing the game? Yes, all this sounds a remote possibility. But, in truth, it is all possible. All you have to do is get the rummy app on your device. This will keep you in touch with your favourite game anytime.

Make sure you have a good internet connection. This will allow the application to load quickly. Also, this will keep disruption in streaming, at the bay. If you do not have the PC or laptop with you, download the app on your mobile phone, and you are good to go.

  1. Available on Cross-Platform

You can get to play card games on multiple platforms. The website has cross-platform computability. It boasts of a user-friendly UI and UX. Also, it comes with benefits such as easy navigation, features for new and experienced players, customized dashboard, and a lot more. You can play on your personal computer, mobile phone, laptop, and other compatible devices.

You can enjoy the games on-the-go, while traveling, or anywhere from your own comfort zone. So, even if there is a power-cut, you are covered. You can hop on to play on mobile phone. The seamless transition between systems and devices makes the gaming a lot better.

  1. Free and Unlimited Access

You can play at any hour on the website and application. If you want to play free rummy, try on practice games and freeroll tournaments. Here, you do not have to make any deposit. So, you can try on these games before trying out cash games. Play on for practice without having to worry about refilling the chips. You can refill practice chips without paying anything.

  1. Invite People

You can get more people to join this Indian Rummy platform. Now there are two benefits to this. Firstly, you can have your own social circle here. You may match with the invited people for a game perhaps. Secondly, you get referral bonus when a member joins the site using the code or link you send. Also, the newly joined person earns the bonus. Both can utilize these points for playing games on the app as well as the website.

  1. Interesting Avatars

The first thing anyone does after joining a platform is to edit their profile. This is especially true when it comes to a profile picture. You can select from an array of graphical representations for your profile. The website offers plenty of options. You can create your own Avatar that suits you the best. Choose one as per your personality, and make your rummy game exciting. You can either put up your own picture. Or, get one from the listed icons and figures.

  1. Multi-tables

If you are head over heels for rummy online, then there is a special feature for you. You can access multiple tables simultaneously. This means, you can play different variants of rummy at one go. At the same time, you can also take part in tourneys, practice or cash games. You can double the measure of fun now on your fingertips.

Play anytime, there is no limit. If you can take on multiple games at once, then this is a facility you must definitely choose. However, for newbies a bit more for brushing up is required to maintain so many tables together. So, you can try on the following option that we will not mention.

  1. Identifies Wild Jokers

In offline play, we seldom discard the cards which we should not. Due to absent mind, lack of attention, or getting to engrossed in the game, such mistakes happen. But what if, you can play a game, where the features of the application prevent you from making grave errors? Here are details of such a facility.

There are several awesome features on Khelplay Rummy App for sure. But one of these is the identifier for Wild Jokers. This feature helps to spot the Joker Card, and mark it. This allows you to keep the card in check. Also, it will serve as a reminder to not to give it away to opponents. Thus, you the risk to discarding Joker will reduce. Your performance in the game will see a boost.

  1. Get e-KYC

What makes for an ultimate rummy play? It is the facilities and security the gaming forum offers. The good experience is also about the amazing games and tournaments. It maximizes with cash rewards and other benefits. Also, it is about how smooth the procedure for verification is. Now, what if you could get an automated e-KYC verification? Yes, it is possible to avail documentation check without hustle. Submit the required soft-copy of the papers on the app, and all is well.

  1. Easy Withdrawals

On this website, your transactions are safe, secured, and hassle-free. You can make instant withdrawals. The same is processed within 24 hours or as per the required time period. You have the facility to win cash from tourneys and cash games. This money adds to your gaming wallet. But once the amount reaches a limit, you can transfer it your bank account.

As per the rummy rules of the site, you can withdraw between Rs. 200 and Rs. 10,000. But, at times, the reward won can be used only for playing further games on the app. So, you need to learn about the distribution of the prize amount. You need to also know about how you can use the monetary prize before you enter the game.

  1. All-time Customer Support

The website is working its way to satisfying all the customers. And it is scoring well in it due to the 24 x 7 customer service. You can go to Live Chat section, and contact the site instantly. The ‘chat with us’ box gives you the opportunity for ready solution. You can also use the email address available on the website to drop any query. The customer support team gets on to your queries within no time.

You can ask about any terms and conditions related to the game, deposits, reward system, tournaments, offers, withdrawals, etc. Ask away anything related to services, and you will have your answer in a short-time. The facility is known for its quick turnaround.

To Conclude

On Khelplay Rummy, you get to learn how to play rummy, play for free and cash, participate in tournaments, and a lot more. You can make easy deposits and withdrawals. There are unlimited games for 24 x 7. You can get the app for your Android and iOS devices. There is so much to do on this app. So, register yourself, and experience a new world of gaming altogether.